Rifky Effendy


Born in Jakarta, 1968. Trained as ceramic artist from Fine Art and Design department of Institute Technology of Bandung (ITB). Since 2003 base in Jakarta, working as curator at Cemara 6 galeri, Jakarta. Since 1997 , he has been curated and co-curated several exhibition beside as freelance contributor for national news paper and magazine such as Kompas, Tempo and Visual Arts. Since 2001 he starting as contributor in Art Asia Pacific Magazine.

In 1999 he curated the exhibition titled “Wearable” at Galeripadi Bandung, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta and Sika Art Gallery in Bali. In late 2001 he established and directed the 1st Bandung Biennale. At the same year he succeded to show Japanese contemporary artist, Morimura Yasumasa at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta. This show travelled to Bali (Gaya Fusion and Sense), Solo and Soemardja Gallery (Bandung). In the mid of 2004 he collaborated with Indonesian architects and artits held the project titled “Imagining Jakarta” sponsored by Goethe Institute, Jakarta. In late 2004 to early 2005, Effendy togather with Greg Burke has done an exhibition titled “ Trans-Indonesia ; Scoping Culture in Contemporary Indonesian Art at Govett – Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth, New Zealand. In late 2006, curated “ Pilgrim Project” by Dadang Christanto, at Gaya Fusion Arspace Bali.

Effendy has traveled to Japan in 1998, Brisbane in 1999. He was received grants for internship and observation on contemporary art in Australia on 2000, traveled to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney as well as other cities. He also was a fellow of Asia Cultural Council (ACC) to stay in New York City, San Fransisco and Los Angeles in 2004. In the same year, Effendy presented a paper at 2004 biennale Apexart Curatorial Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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4 Responses to “About”

  1. MASLEN & MEHRA Says:

    We are London based collaborative artists Maslen & Mehra. We would be interested in being on your mailing list regarding your curatorial projects.
    Regards from London
    M & M

  2. omen Says:

    Salam kenal Mas Rifky Effendy,
    aku omen, aku melukis dan mendesain sacara otodidak.
    Tanpa sengaja aku dapati blog anda, intinya aku tertark dengan muatan blognya.


  3. Sabine Bolk Says:

    Dear Rifky Effendy,

    I’m planning to go to Indonesia (Yogyakarta, Java) in september or october. I’m an artist and graduated in 2006 on the institute of Arts, St.Joost in Breda, in the Netherlands.
    My plan for Indonesia is to learn the technique Batik. On internet I found your website and I’m looking for information about where I can learn it. I’m planning to go to Indonesia for 3 till 6 months in 2010. I need to get a Visa for this, and for this Visa a need a letter of recommendation.
    If you have any information about learning Batik or where I can find it, please let me know.

    Thanks you!

    Sabine Bolk

  4. TANO - Thanasis Papadopoulos Says:

    Hi Rifky, my name is Tano and I am from Greece. A friend of mine, Thanasis Moutsopoulos, gave me your name to contact you. I am not sure you are the right person since i found this blog through google…drop me an email if you are thanasis friend. I stay in Jogja and i ll be going back to Greece in September.

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